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Working for a Better Tax System

The AICPA frequently suggests changes to tax laws, regulations and administrative procedures in its communications with Congress, the Treasury Department and the IRS. Our ability to shape tax policy and administration can lead to a more workable tax system for taxpayers and preparers, and even the government. For example, the AICPA:

  • Led the effort to repeal a burdensome record keeping and reporting requirement that would have affected most taxpayers who own rental property
  • Persuaded Congress to stop the issuance of patents on tax strategies—helping to protect taxpayers from lawsuits, royalties and increasingly complicated tax compliance requirements, as well as higher tax preparation bills

Over the years, the AICPA has also provided testimony and submitted written comments on various issues, with the goal of making our tax system work better for everyone.

In our advocacy efforts, we frequently promote several principles to guide a solution, including:

  • Simplicity – taxpayers should be able to understand the rules and follow them correctly in a cost-efficient manner
  • Fairness – taxpayers with similar financial situations should pay similar taxes
  • Transparency – taxpayers should know that a tax exists and how it is imposed

To learn more about the AICPA’s efforts to improve the tax system, check out our tax advocacy web page.