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Entering information into the calculator can be quite fast. There are only a few required fields to fill in:

  • The county and/or city where you live
  • Your marital status
  • Federal “adjusted gross income”
  • Number of dependents

For a more comprehensive picture of your estimated annual tax obligation, you may enter additional information. It’s also easy to change the information you have entered and to recalculate your annual estimated amount of taxes.

To help you gain a more comprehensive picture of your estimated annual taxes, you’ll want to have these documents on hand as you complete the form:

  • Most recent federal income tax return
  • Utility bills (natural gas and electric)
  • Local personal property tax bill (if applicable)
  • Local automobile tax bill (if applicable)
  • Phone bills (land line and cell)
  • Cable bill

If you don’t have this information available, just input your best estimate. You can always go back at a later date and recalculate.

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